Diapers! - Tutorial

So I completely forgot how many diapers a newborn goes through. I borrowed newborn diapers from a friend when I had Theron, and I guess I didn't move him completely into my prefolds until he fit into both the infant size ones and the next size up -- because soon after Lula arrived, I realized that I had about half the amount of infant size diapers I needed.

But-- they are prefold (flat) diapers. Seriously, how hard can it be to make them? Answer: not hard at all! And I actually sincerely hate sewing. So, for any of you who actually enjoy sewing, super easy project.

First, I found material. I used a large sheet we got at the local second hand market (kind of like a flea market) that was a kind of flannelish material. In retrospect, this was not quite as absorbent as I might like, so next time I make diapers (and I'll probably end up making more in the next size up), I would use either a thicker, more absorbent material, or I would double up the material to make a thicker diaper. Just a heads up.

So here's how I made them, complete with awesome instruction sketches. I know, I'm an amazing artist. 

I used one of my store-bought infant-size prefold diapers as a pattern. I cut the sheet into strips that were as wide as my diapers were long (1), and then cut those strips into pieces that were 2 and 1/3 times the width of my diapers, so that I could double them over with the middle third overlapping for extra absorbency in the middle (2).

I then folded the diaper (3), with the middle third overlapping, folded that middle edge over to make a clean edge, and sewed right along the edge (4). Then, I sewed on the other side of that middle third, to make a strip down the middle that was three fabric pieces thick instead of two (5). Finally, I hemmed the edges (6).

That's it! How easy, right? I used sharpies to decorate them, and had quite a good time doing so. You could also sew a strip of pretty material down the outside of the middle, but I was oh-so-done with sewing. Have I mentioned that I hate to sew? This project was definitely a labor of love. And a strong desire to have enough diapers.

Here are some of my favorite sharpie designs:

Other family members got in on the fun, too.

Here are some of Grandma's:

And Daddy did one:

Even Big Brother participated!

After several washings, the gray and brown sharpies have definitely stayed the best, hardly showing any fading or smearing. The turquoise was by far the worst, most of it just washed right out. The other colors have faded a little, with the lighter and greener colors doing worse and the darker and reds/yellows doing better.

When I was taking pictures for this post, Lula was fast asleep, so I drafted Richey the... Giraffe? We've never decided exactly what animal he is supposed to be. But I drafted him to model a diaper.

In summary:
-Very easy project that even someone who hates sewing can complete in a couple hours.
-I would use a more absorbent cloth next time, or double the material.
-I would use only gray, brown, red, purple, and yellow sharpies next time to decorate. (or get fabric pens, if I lived in a place where I could get those)
-I now have enough diapers. It is wonderful.

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