Lula Anne.

Things I am thankful for:
-Lula's labor went a bit faster than Theron's. 1/10th the time, actually.
-Lula was not actually born in the car. We made it all the way to the delivery room.
-We are back home within 12 hours of labor starting.
-Good doctor with good hearing who lives across the road and can hear my husband yelling ERIN!!!! from our house. 

Things I have learned:
-3 hours is a REALLY FAST labor.
-Sometimes the absolute last words in the whole wide world that you want to hear are "DON'T PUSH YET!!!!"
-Sometimes you just don't notice all the potholes on the road between your house and the hospital. They just don't seem to matter.

Other observations:
Sometimes you find yourself not being quite as nice as you want to be being.
You think, in your head,
"The doctor and the nurse are nice people.
I like them.
They are doing the best things for me.
They know how this is supposed to work."
But then you watch and your hands just won't seem to stop pushing them away when they insist on stretching/pushing on/ "helping" things that you just feel in that moment very strongly would be better left quite alone.
You also for some reason feel like a good thing to inform them of would be the fact that "it hurts."
As if they don't know.
Sorry guys. You really are the best. =]

We are very thankful to be home and feeling good with a healthy baby and a very confused toddler.

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