Mommy Yoga: Retrieving Child Pose

Useful for: retrieving small magnetic letters from underneath the fridge, toys from under the sofa, and toddlers from under the bed.

Strengthens: resistance to fear of creepy crawlies under things while reaching blindly for toys, stretches back and spine

Method: kneeling in front of the piece of furniture that is housing the object of your desire, scrunch down as low to the ground as you can (gracefully, remember) and stretch your hand as far under the piece of furniture as you can possibly reach. Do not, I repeat, do. not. think about mice, cockroaches, or spiders. Stretch your hand (or, in the case of the refrigerator, fingers), back and forth in an attempt to locate object. Grasp object firmly. If retrieving toddler from under bed, grasp more firmly than you think you need to. Pull object out from under furniture. Attempt to uncurl into a standing position.

My toddler seems to find it infinitely amusing to push the little magnetic letters up under the fridge, and then suddenly develop an acute need to have them all out in front of him again. This pose can be combined with the handle of the broom in the case of a fridge that is too low for your arm to fit.

A whole new dimension of exercise is added when the item being retrieved is the toddler himself, as that particular object usually vigorously objects to being retrieved.

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