Well, I'm a fan of today.
First, I never heard an alarm go off this morning.
Perhaps it did go off, and Morgan turned it off quickly, he's rather skilled at that, but whatever the case, I was not subjected to the indignity of an inanimate object presuming to tell me when to get out of my nice warm bed.

Second, I woke up to a warm house (as Morgan had already lit the fire) and a husband bringing me coffee in bed!!! oh yes, I am spoiled.

Third, I made crescent rolls for breakfast along with bacon and eggs and .... more coffee!

Our friends, Brenden and Sarah, showed up at our door sometime late morning, rather snowy and slightly frozen, as they had walked from school. We then proceeded to spend the rest of the day playing Settlers of Catan (Brenden won), watching a movie, eating lunch (chili, of course. what else do you fix on a snow day???), playing a card game, and watching another movie. We succeeded in spending the whole day being the epitome of laziness in a warm house with the snow blowing by our windows. It was delightful! I recommend it wholeheartedly.

We walked back to school with Brenden and Sarah and then home again. I'm glad we don't live farther from school than we do, because it was rather chilly outside (10 degrees right now, plus wind) but it was fun nonetheless. There was a good couple feet of snow in drifts in some places, and most places have about a foot. I vote snowman tomorrow. Yes? ok, snowman it is.

And to top off this delightful day, class is canceled again tomorrow. And I don't really have any significant amount of homework to do. Yay unexpected free days!

Obviously, school is simply honoring our one-month anniversary. =D
Happy anniversary to me and Morgan! Happy super snuggly snow day!

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