Oh, Monday...

So I thought that this Monday would be spared from the normal blah of Monday-ness, being as it is a holiday and all. We had a lovely day planned... up early, eat breakfast, do the books, run to the grocery store, and hopefully have a picnic lunch packed up by 10, so that we could head down to Red Rock Canyon with some friends for a picnic! .... well, that was the plan....

Instead, my dear hubby decided to come down with, not one, but BOTH types of the flue. He says he does not believe in mediocrity. While I, too, normally abhor mediocrity, I informed him that in this case, just a little bit of non-extreme would be just fine. Like, just one flue. That would be fine.

Anyways, so we spent the night not sleeping, and the morning in the doctor's office and came home with a much lighter wallet and a bag full of pills. But they seem so far to be working, as he is finally sleeping now, not being absolutely miserable.

I did make a good discovery this morning as a result of our expedition to find a doctor... there is a Crest nearby! Normally our little latino grocery store does us just fine, but every once in a while there are some things that they just don't carry, and Crest is a lovely alternative, so I was glad to find it.

Well, since I have nothing of extreme excitement to write about today, I may as well attempt a bribe.... Instead of a superbly exciting blog post, would you instead accept a recipe? What's that? You'd love to? Oh, I'm so glad! =D

These sourdough biscuits come from a recipe book in my Mother-In-Laws kitchen, and are wonderful! Easy to make, very simple, light, and fluffy, and very good with lots of butter and some homemade blackberry jam.

Oh look! I'll even give it to you in a pretty page you could print out! Aren't I nice. You should be able to right-click on it and save it or print it. Hooray!

Hope you all have a delightful day.... I have homework to do.... woohoo.

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