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Welcome to the new year....
I do realize that I have been somewhat less than faithful in blogging this past year.... but here is a new year, and new years are times when you get to try again, true? Of course true. So here's to the new year, new starts, and a new try at this whole blogging thing. Maybe now that I'm not trying to juggle a biochem major, planning a wedding, and fixing a house up, I shall have a tad more time. Let's hope so.

I believe I shall begin this new year by talking about the things I like... I enjoy doing that every once in a while, just to remind myself that I like things. =D

I like sun. Most people know this about me. I love sunshine. I love windows that let in sun. I love laying on my back in the grass in the sun. I don't like dark rooms, cloudy days, or anything blocking the sun. Perhaps I am part cat. I do like having my head scratched.....

I like chocolate. Dark chocolate. Do not dilute my chocolate with milk and sweetness. That is mudblood chocolate, half-breed chocolate. I like real, honest-to-goodness, full-blooded, chocolate. Yes, I am occasionally caught eating cocoa powder. It makes you sneeze, don't try it.

I like cooking. Unfortunately, I like the good old-fashioned cooking that uses up a bucket of butter on a pie crust... and makes a pie every other day. This would not be such a problem, except that I also like to eat said cooking. Like to very much, actually. Don't particularly like to stop eating it. And while I do like salad, I certainly don't eat it in the correct proportion to the other things I eat. Like, I may eat two pieces of pie to every leaf of lettuce. Or I would if I had my way. But there is this little voice in my head... I think my mother planted it there (thanks a lot, mom)... it haunts my bites of pie with visions of skinniness... unattainable skinniness... and adds guilt to my pie-eating. So, I eat a celery stick. With lots of ranch dressing.

I like crunchy leaves. During fall, when the sidewalks leading to my house are covered knee-deep in crunchy leafness, I am in heaven. During fall, I generally find leaves in most of my belongings... evidently you don't splash through leaf-piles without acquiring some leaves along the way.

I like pine-scented candles. I am angry at Yankee Candles for making Balsam Fir and Sparkling Pine (my two favorite candles) Christmas-only candles. How dare they??? Why would they limit my candle happiness to one time of year? There is only one solution to this. Stock up. The After-Christmas sale ends Monday. Guess what I'm doing Monday?

Ok, I think that is probably a long enough blog post for today. Thanks for listening.
Take some time today to think about the things you like... and I don't mean trips to Hawaii and that sort of stuff. I mean, the things that you have today that you like. The stuff that makes every day delightful.
It's fun. I promise.

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