Color Outside the Lines.

We went hiking the other weekend in the Wichita Mountains a couple hours out of Oklahoma City. It was a lovely day, and I was enjoying myself thoroughly.... until we came upon this:
A kitty cat print.... a rather large kitty cat print. For the rest of our hike I just knew I was about to get pounced the whole time. Just knew it. Anyway, moving on, that had nothing to do with what I wanted to talk about today, but seemed something that should be shared.

One of my good friends recently informed me that more people should draw on SNU's sidewalks with sidewalk chalk. I agree with her... more people should draw flowers and poems on the sidewalks of our college. More people should bake lemon bars to celebrate spring. More people should sew flowers on their jeans with pretty material (I did that today). More people should sing as they walk across campus. More people should wear bright colors. More people should smile. More people should color outside the lines. 

There seems to be this understood way of living life. This is what you can wear. This is how you can talk. You can't wear your hair in pigtails without being immature. You can't talk to yourself without being crazy. You can't draw on the sidewalks without being weird. You can't color outside the lines, it just isn't done. 

Maybe more people would be happy if they colored outside the lines. Maybe sometimes... the lines are boring. Stay on the page... some boundaries have a purpose. But every once in a while... color outside the lines. 

I think I was put here to live my life, to sing at the top of my lungs
To laugh uncontrollably, smile irrepressibly, cry when I want to be hugged.
Perhaps I was put here to color my world with crazy, unorthodox thoughts
To skip when I feel like it, sing if you don't mind it, make sure you know that you're loved.

Sometimes I wonder if earth could be heaven if everyone truly did live
If living is loving and loving is knowing and caring enough to give. 
And I think that the sun will always prevail over clouds, and the light over dark
And there is no greater and nobler purpose of being and breathing than this. 

Perhaps there is more to living than simply trudging my way through life
Than earning my living and living to earn and hoping to take up time.
Maybe to look up and meet someone's eyes is the most precious instant we have...
And I think I am going to live today... I will color outside the lines.

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