Random Thoughts on a Rainy Saturday

It's raining outside. There's a bird chirping damply away somewhere over to the left, outside the front door. I slept in till 10:30 this morning... wow... when did I get to where I could sleep that late? I never used to sleep in past 8. Not even on saturdays. Not even on rainy, sleepy saturdays like today. Then again, I also never used to stay up past 10. Not even on the friday nights before rainy, sleepy saturdays. Ah the days when I got 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Now I'm lucky if I get 6. Sigh.

School is coming down to that last week-and-a-half. The week and a half when the world disappears in a fog of studying with the dark, indistinct forms of tests looming every which way. I'm telling you, every time I turn around, there is another test leering in my face. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, next Monday, next Wednesday, all of them major tests. The kind you study weeks for. My backpack is surely going to tear apart from all the books I have in it right now. My shoulders will certainly never be the same again. I'm quite sure I'm a couple inches shorter now than at the beginning of this semester, from that backpack. That would explain the freshman chub... I'm just shorter, so the weight has been squished to my middle. Of course.

Our pet betta fish, Peeves, died Thursday. He lived a brave, fishy life in a girls dorm, in a little bowl with pebbles on the bottom, for a year, did our Pet Peeves. What happened was, we kept forgetting to feed him. I thought Dena was feeding him, she thought I was feeding him, and between the two of our forgettings, Peeves sat hungrily looking out at his dormish world from his bowl with pebbles. He got fed every few days, never fear. But as school got more hectic toward the end of this semester, we got more and more forgetful and Peeves got hungrier. Finally he got so hungry that he was just floating around rather listlessly, which brought to our attention the fact that we had been neglecting his feeding. Well I then took upon myself the job of feeding Poor Peeves, since Dena had not been doing so as I had thought. The problem was, Dena did the same thing... so now we were both feeding Peeves. Delighted with the copious amounts of nourishment being dumped into his tiny watery world (with pebbles on the bottom), Peeves ate.. and ate... and ate... and, well... we THINK that may be why he died. Such is the life of a betta fish in our dorm room (in a bowl with pebbles). But hey, we did keep him alive for almost a whole school year. We are kinda proud of ourselves. May our Pet Peeves rest in peace.

Well, I probably should return to working chemistry problems from my long, long list of practice problems. How do you find the wavelength in nm of gamma rays whose energy is 1.50MeV? ... uh... yes?

So I shall leave you with one of my latest pictures, since some of you aren't on facebook and can't see my photo album. This would be me and Morgan. For those of you who don't know who Morgan is, he is my boyfriend and you should talk to me more often. =]

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