School Prayers

Well, in the middle of finals... and I realized something new yesterday. I don't like to pray about school. I realized that yesterday evening, and I immediately began wondering why. I mean, I pray about everything! God is my best friend, I talk to Him all the time. Why don't I like to pray about the thing that takes up most of my life energy right now?

I think that what it is is that I somehow feel like school is my responsibility. If I just put enough work into it, I'll get fine grades. If my grades aren't the best, well then it's just because I haven't put enough work into it. And praying about it just feels like I'm telling God that I really don't want to put the work into school, so can He please bail me out? Hm. Interesting thought.

...I really have nothing more to say, that was just my thought of the day. =]
What was that? You want a picture?
Oh, fine, if you insist.... =]


  1. Very interesting. Sometimes it is hard to pray about something that is based on the effort you put in. Instead of praying for a bail out maybe try praying for peace about tests or that he will open your mind to the knowledge that you have learned. I love you cousin!

  2. I recognize those plum tree blossoms! And, I agreee with you reasoning about prayer.