Marshmallow Chase

My roommate and I were driving down the highway this afternoon, on our way to diligently spend our afternoon in increasing our GPAs by the intense acquisition of knowledge otherwise known as "cramming."

Dena: "Marshmallow."
Self (intelligently): "huh?"
Dena (condescendingly, patiently): "That car looks like a marshmallow."
Self (in a moment of understanding): "Oh! Ha it does. It looks like a small squishy marshmallow. And that squarish one behind it looks like a square marshmallow. The small squishy one must be the girl, and the squarish one must be the guy."
Dena: "Yeah. And the squishy one is trying to get away from the guy. He's chasing her. He's an abusive boyfriend and she's trying to run away from him."
Self: "Go, Squishy, go! He's after you!"
Dena: "She tried to get away on that off ramp, but at the last minute he swerved into it and followed her."
Self: "And now she's trapped off the highway."
Dena: "And she's coming up to a stop sign and she doesn't know what to do. She fakes right, then goes left."
Self: "And he believed it and is turning right. Way to go Squishy!"
Dena: "Good luck, little squishy marshmallow car!"
(mutual cheer for Squishy)

Ah the joys of life made interesting.... =D

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