Well, hello, blog, I haven't been to you in a while.
So I'm heading home for Christmas, with a whole pile of "firsts" out of the way now. What firsts, you say? well...

My first time in a classroom (yes, I was homeschool K-12)
My first lab class
My first time living away from home
My first new country without my family
My first dorm room
My first roommate (yeah she's pretty awesome)
My first boyfriend
My first breakup
My first time ice skating (yes I looked like an idiot and enjoyed every minute of it)
My first time playing Halo =]
My first time playing guitar hero (ok, so it helps if you know the songs before you start singing)
My first awesome prof
My first terribly annoying prof
My first voice juries... bleh
My first time eating... whatever that stuff was at the cafeteria. Pretty sure I've never seen it's equal before anywhere on earth.
...well, and many more.

I'd say this has been a rather amazing first semester at college, I've learned a lot... most of it not in the classroom. I'm very ready to go home, but I'm aware that I'll be very ready to come back and hit the ground running next semester as well. I didn't fail my first semester of classes... I don't think... but then again, I don't have my final chemistry grade yet, do I.
We'll call this semester a good first try. ... now for my first visit home for Christmas!

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