Things I'm Thankful For

Too many things to list them all... so we'll just go with 10 random things.

1. I'm thankful for mom and dad, whose wisdom I appreciate more every day.

2. My friends who care about me and don't care when I don't know what's going on as I adjust to life in the states.

3. My awesome boyfriend, who not only puts up with my craziness, but matches it with his own.

4.My family here in the states who make sure that I don't have any excuse to feel lonely or not-cared for.

5. Cuddly dogs, such as Harry the Shi Tsu and Ozzie the Schnauzer.

6. Pecan pie and ice cream

7. coffee!

8. 80% cocoa dark chocolate

9. Random trips to a restaurant with Bree (my neighbor) when we get tired of sedexo (the school cafeteria)

10. All the myriad of things that God has given me that make my life amazing.

the end.

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