A Thought

I haven't posted on my blog in forever... I don't particularly know why. I think my life just got so crazy... I was struggling just to keep my head above water for so long that I didn't have time to think about blogging. BUT my life is a bit more under control now... Maybe because I figured out that I don't have to be the one controlling it =]

I've learned so many lessons about peace and joy and trust... about love, about living in Abba's hand.

And I hope to continue learning the lessons I've started to learn.

I've learned about being still, and knowing He is God... That's tough for me, because I like to be in control and to Fix things.

I've learned about trust, and knowing He is Good... another hard one because I like to figure things out myself and make things turn out ok.

I've learned about following Him, not others... that sounds easy, but is difficult to see at times. I am not living for others. I am living to respond to Abba and to show His love to others. Whether they choose to respond to Abba is between them and Him... I can't live to make sure they respond. If I do, I will lose myself in the process of trying to make them be something they aren't and don't want to be.

I've learned that I am not invincible... sounds obvious, but for some reason I had this vague notion that I, Danielle Schmelzenbach, was impervious to all the problems of the Little People. =]

I've learned that I am not perfect... another seemingly obvious, I think I just needed it strongly proven to me. =]

I've learned that I am perfect... uh, wait a minute, Danielle, you just said... yeah I know what I just said. Roll with me here. I've learned that I am most certainly not perfect. I've also learned that I am being perfected by my Abba and although I am most certainly human, the journey I am on is a perfect one, one that ends in and leads through holiness and Abba.

I've learned about breathing... stopping, letting go for a while, and just breathing. Not needing to constantly figure everything out. Not needing to constantly fix everything and everyone. Not needing to fight for my life. But just breathing.

I've learned a lot more, but that's enough for now. Hopefully I can start posting a bit more often. =]

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