Rubbish bin, pram, trolley, boot,

rubbish bin, pram, trolley, boot.... excuse me, I must use up these words before I have to start communicating with Americans so that they don't sneak out accidentally... rubbish bin, pram, trolley.....

Yes, I am still alive, surprise surprise. And life has not been devoid of happenings for the last few weeks... on the contrary, it has been a bit overloaded with happenings and that is part of the reason that I have been somewhat absent from cyberspace. The other part of the reason is that I am now stranded in the US of A with no computer... that's right, no computer. Danielle without a computer. See, I knew this was going to happen. I could see it coming. I am GOING to get a computer. It just has a date attached to it... the day I start university in a few weeks. See, at the uni I am attending, a laptop is included with tuition. So that's taken care of. But there is this GAP between the time of LEAVING the computer in Papua New Guinea and the time of GETTING the computer at school. Hence, Danielle Without Computer. Ah well. Probably good for me, actually.

So. What has happened in the last few weeks? Well, I can't upload pictures (since I'm using someone else's computer) but I can tell you in a short sort of manner:

1. I graduated from highschool.
2. Graduation party at Kudjip, which was awesome.
3. Left Kudjip on our way to the States
4. Stopped over in Fiji to get some essential work done. 48 hours in the country I grew up in... pretty good, I'd say.
5. Flew to Washington to some friends' house (hi Uncle Tim and Aunt Karla!)
6. Graduation party here, too... haha, such fun. and I did get pics, they just will probably have about a 2-month delay before they make it online.
7. Got in the car and headed out on the beautiful freeways of America headed for Orlando, FL... we will get there in time for the General Assembly of our church.

So. my life over the last little bit in a nutshell. *deep breath*
You can't accuse me of having a boring life.


  1. The word I like, and wish I used more, is "Bother" [smile].


  2. Danielle, any chance you'll stop in the good ol' CO on your way to FL??

  3. nuuuu, no CO on the schedule. I did check though, you may be sure of that. I even threw in some begging. No results. Sorry!!!!