Update on the Whirlwind Masquarading as My Life

wow, has it really been a month since I last posted on here?! good grief. I hang my head in shame. Well.... not really, I have absolutely heaps of legitimate excuses, but I won't bore you with them.

We have now traveled across the states... and I'm serious, we have traveled ACROSS the states. We landed in Seattle, WA, and drove to Orlando, FL via Los Angeles, CA and Bonita Park, NM. In Orlando, we attened the General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene (which we are missionaries with). What an amazing Assembly! There is just something about tens of thousands of on-fire christians from around the world worshipping together. I also got to see a bunch of the other missionary kids who are normally evenly spread across the face of earth, so that was cool. MKs are pretty awesome people, I'll have you know.

After General Assembly and spending time with the Grandparents and their church, we drove up to Michigan for their NMI Convention... which is the missions meetings of our church, for you non-Nazarenes reading this. Then down to South West Ohio for that NMI convention. Some pretty amazing folks in all of those places, let me tell you. Hard to be cynical about the church after spending time with those kinds of people.

The things I am very muchly looking forward to now are Missionary Kid retreat at the end of this month (dances little happy dance of excitement); Family Camp after that back at my "home"... haha, yeah, I did live in one place in america, at least for seven years, believe it or not; and the start of school. I'm enrolled in pre-med classes for the first semester and can't wait to get started!

plus, at school, I will finally get a computer! Oh the joy! happiness! but until then, my loyal blog readers who are still checking this blog after a few forevers of inactivity... there will very likely be even more of that same level of activity.

And on that uplifting note... it's time to hit the road again.


  1. so where exactly did u live for these seven years in the strange and foreign US?