Well, evidently I graduated... although for a homeschooler it's a bit hard to pinpoint the graduation because we kind of... ease out of school. There's always something else to learn, another book to read, etc, etc. But I have enough credits, and I start college this fall... so I'm graduating. Here is the email that my family sent out:
Dear Family and Friends,
We did it! We're graduating!
Well...Danielle is graduating!
Our homeschooling journey together from kindergarten to
12th grade has worked!Danielle will be starting at Southern Nazarene
University in Oklahoma City this fall.

Though we are not looking forward to the goodbyes, we are overwhelmed with God's faithfulness and
blessings over our last 18 years with Danielle. She is certainly one
of God's good gifts to us!

We've attached her graduation announcement
and invitation to her celebration. If you don't happen to be in the
highlands of Papua New Guinea on May 31, we'll miss you, but you're
off the hook! For those of you who would like to keep up with the next
chapter of her life, she has a blog and would invite youto follow it:
http://lifebydanielle.blogspot.com.Also, here is the link to her
Senior Photo Album:
Thanks for rejoicing with us,Harmon, Cindy and Quinton Schmelzenbach

Now, you guys obviously already know about the blog =]... and here is a link to the
"attached" graduation announcement and invitation.

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