I keep saying that I work as a webmaster, but I don't think that I usually offer much proof
(other than complaining about the hardships of dealing with computers). Well, here is proof.
I just finished a website that I've been working on for a month or so: http://oceanianazarene.org

Let me assure you, it is no small feat to get a website live from my little part of the world!

Self presses the upload button.

The Dear Dell gives me a blank look, like it's never heard the word "upload" before.

Self patiently explains to Dear Dell exactly what is meant by "upload."

Dear Dell clearly explains that the blank look signified not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of willingness,
and that unless I greatly increase its pay, it is not planning on complying.

Self calmly informs Dear Dell that what we are talking about is not an increase in pay, but the slight chance that if
it obeys it will emerge from this session alive.

Dear Dell jumps guiltily and begins uploading.
Dear Dell stops uploading, and my program dies in a fit of convulsions.

Self raises eyebrows.

Dear Dell quickly begins feeding Self a great number of faulty excuses about it being the fault of the internet.

Self raises eyebrows further.

Dear Dell whines pitifully, asking how Self could possible expect good performance from Dell while providing it with such
internet and power.

Self raises eyebrows further (forehead is beginning to hurt by now).

Dear Dell reluctantly begins its task again.
Dear Dell flickers; becomes unresponsive.

Self coughs in an expectant manner.

Dell is comatose.

Self searches for cause of phenomenon.
Some investigation reveals that the power is out... again.
Self sighs in a manner revealing great internal desire to throw something.

Power flickers back on.

Self patiently re-starts Dell, re-explains task, and re-begins upload.

Dell flickers; sticks out its tongue, throws a tantrum, murders all essential programs, and sits in front
of Self asking what Self is going to do about it.

.......... need I continue?

Anyway, minor and major setbacks for the most part taken care of, the website has been launched. *deep sigh of relief*


  1. niiiish… :) an impressive site if i do say so myself. :)

  2. hi danielle, first that was a really cute blog post! it made me laugh. but i wanted to tell you how great the oceania website is!!! good job! you just never know how a website like that could change things for God's glory. pretty cool. plus, i think it is cool that you are a webmaster...has a fancy ring to it doesn't it??

  3. Well, in defense of your Dear Dell, it took a long time for the site to load, so either you have very non-web-optimized content, or the internet isn't all that hot [smile].


  4. thanks StrawberryBlonde; and Becky... and yes, I do like the sound of that! =]

    Luke, that is a bit disturbing to me as I thought it must just be my internet here that made it so slow to load... but perhaps there's something more to it. hm. don't really know where to start with fixing that. Was it just the home page and photogallery (which have a bit more...stuff.. in them) or was it all the pages which took so long to load?