Let the Gotcha Game Begin

The game of Gotcha is... well, we'll let the rules speak for themselves. Here they are, as emailed to the Inhabitants of Kudjip (also known as Kudjipites):

This is an open invitation for kids and adults to play GOTCHA. We will start next week after everyone has a chance to respond. Respond as soon as possible – you will receive your assignment Sunday night

It is basically a game of assassinations (OK Joe, Ethan and Quinton stop drooling). Each player receives an envelope with the name of the person they are to “get”. You “get” someone by splashing them with water (water gun, cup of water, water balloon, etc). If you succeed in “getting” someone then they are out and you take the card of the person they were to get as your next assignment. It is set up in a circle so eventually two people will be after each other for the sole title of Gotcha Champion.

Here are the rules:

1. Water from some container that you are holding with your hand (you can’t just spit on someone or splash a puddle).

2. Out doors only. Anything in doors is out of bounds – homes, church, hospital, cars, etc… You can not attack from inside a building or covered area or vehicle or be attacked in any of those places (this includes basically anything with a roof – no porches either – hospital or home). This rule was just to keep you from getting attacked at the second you open your door, not to let you run next to any building for a time out. So to clarify this rule does not include awnings or where a roof is overhanging – it must be an obvious covered area (ie a porch leading inside a building).

3. The starting time will be Monday May 18th (as in 12:01 a.m.) unless announced otherwise. Ending with one winner (when you end up with your own name you win). This is for before/after school or work (so as to not disrupt PE, recess games, work, home, etc…). The exception is that you are fair game if you go home for lunch - your walk is not at any of those places and not disrupting anything.

4. Once you are out of the game you can not share information with anyone about who your target was or who got you with any other players (remember you are dead, or at least “got”). This is only fair for other players. Just say you are out and tell the stories later.

5. If you see someone is attempting to get you then you can get them first (obviously you won’t take their card since their card has your name). Basically getting your would-be assassin buys you some time – until the person who has their name takes them out and gets your name for a new assignment!

a. If you are attempting to get someone and they take you out first then you are out. After this, basically you are just waiting for someone to come get you wet for nothing – sorry you can only die once, either being “got” by an assassin or botching your attempts to get someone else.

b. Only one person is “got” in an encounter since you can’t take each other’s cards. First person hit is out even if you both end up wet.

c. You can not just go around “getting” anyone you see in case they might have your name. Play fair or it’s 40 lashes with a wet noodle. You can only “get” your target or someone you really think is a would-be-assassin. Truly the game works best where you don’t know who all the players are so it keeps you from just splashing everyone “just in case”. That is no fun, so again play fair.

6. A few suggestions for the players:

a. Be armed at all times outside – it is amazing how well people will find out your schedule.

b. Trust no one (especially don’t let anyone else know who your target is, as the circle gets smaller giving away information can be very detrimental that is why you can’t talk when you are dead.)

c. Don’t act too suspicious or your target may get wise and “get” you first.

d. Have fun!!!

OK – here are answers to common questions before we start (to clarify the rules below).

1. Yes, a water balloon is a container in your hand.

2. A rain-coat, poncho, etc… is not like a Kevlar (bullet-proof) jacket. Whatever you are wearing is part of you and can be hit – there is no protective clothing that can protect you.

3. Can you deflect water with an umbrella or something else? Yes but if any of the water hits you then you are out.

4. Any time that you can not be attacked then you also can not attack someone else. In other words if you are at work or school (and therefore could not be attacked) you also can not see someone walking by and run by and attack them. The purpose of the rule is to not disrupt work by being attacked or attacking. Again this is for “before/after school or work (so as to not disrupt PE, recess games, work, home, etc…).”

5. There is no way to quantify how much water it takes to “get someone” so whether they soak you or just get you with a water gun – they beat you to the draw and you are out. Play fair – if they get you, they get you – don’t bicker about how many drops it was.

...and there you have it. Gotcha.
The game lasts several days... or weeks... depending on the skill and luck of the players. The players are the Kudjipites who have submitted their willingness to participate. But... the submissions were done secretly... so no-one knows who's in or out! This could be a very interesting next couple weeks.
Let the Gotcha Game begin!

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