The Kid with the Syringe

I walked into the Operating Theatre this week, in my usual, unsuspecting way. I crossed the entryway, took off my sandals, and began to put on my "inside shoes," the crocs that I wear in surgery. Now, the inside shoes are lined up against a wall, which is across from the trolleys where patients patiently await or recover from surgery. So, as I put on my shoes, I was facing away from said trolleys. I heard whispering behind me, but thought nothing of it until I was suddenly wet... like I'd been shot with a water gun. At the same moment, I heard giggling. I decided to investigate. Turning around, I saw a little kid sitting on one of the trolleys. He had on a poofy surgery cap, and had a bowl of water and a large syringe, with which he was happily dousing poor unsuspecting souls such as myself, with the gleeful help of Gail Dooley. He was our next patient and had become bored with the long wait, so Gail had provided him with amusement. Well, after giving me a free shower, the kid couldn't refuse to let me take a picture of him, could he?

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