Spirit Week End

We had a great Spirit Week... lots of fun and goofing off! ... which, incidentally, the MKs here are quite good at. We finished off the week with an evening of fun, games, and sugar.

Each day of the week, we decided who had the best costume, and then on this last evening, the winner from each day came in their winning costume.
Cilla was Military,
Jo was Cinco De Mayo,
Jessica was Mismatch,
Quinton (my brother) was Nerd (can we have a round of applause for Quinton?)

And I was Mafia.

We performed a special song for the gathering of missionaries that came to our final evening. If you have ever heard the VeggieTales "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything," then you will know what tune to put this lovely song to:

The Highschoolers Who Don't Do Anything

We are the highschoolers who don't do anything
we just stay at school and lie around
and if you ask us to do anything
we'll just tell you, we don't do anything...

well, I've never aced PE, and I'm not too good at football,
and I've never left my homework on my locker shelf at school
and I've never run through hallways and I've never been suspended,
and I've never been to prom in the spring!

(cinco de mayo)
well, I've never gotten swirly-ed and I've never had detention
and I've never gotten beat up by a big tall senior guy
and I've never lost my hall pass, my lunch money's never stolen
and I've never been to prom in the spring!

Well I fast-forward my teacher, and play ping-pong over Dickens,
and I let myself in with my own set of keys
and I'm always top of class, and I bring to school my coffee....
and I've never been to prom in the spring!

Now, I must explain the last verse a bit...
1. a couple kids use ABeka videos for some classes, and they do on occasion fast-forward the dvds. Not that I am guilty of ever EVER doing that. *non-guilty face*

2. We play ping-pong on a regular table, with our Dickens collection stood up across the middle for a net.

3. several of us do have keys to the schoolroom

4. of course each is top of class, because they are the only ones IN class... we are in all different grades.

5. And yes, we do bring coffee or tea to school. On occasion. Hey, it's basically a supervised homeschool...

After our song, we played a game of Geography Bowl. Parents against non-Parents. It was a lively game, lots of fun, much enhanced by the entrance of a large, unsuspecting cicada which we promply evicted, and greatly livened by the electricity which kept going on and off.

Non-parents won, not that that particular fact is important.
We had a great Spirit Week, a great finishing evening, and lots of fun! Thanks to Katie, the teacher, who made it a wonderful time.


  1. Danielle, lets have a prom for like our seventieth birthday, from what I've heard we'd have more fun then anyway. Our dancing skills will be better, no standing around awkwardly with a boy you hardly like, wearing a dress that hardly fits in a color you rarely wear.

  2. oh yes, what a wonderful idea!!! hehe...