What Happened in the Gotcha Game

Well, I was out of the game within 14 hours, but I couldn't blog about it because you are not allowed to talk about it until the game is over. I did make a valiant effort, though...

I got up early the first morning, and got back from the workout room before the rest of my family was even up (this was to avoid the other members of my family outside, as I didn't know if they had my name).
I then journeyed down to the other end of the station to take up my post awaiting my target: Uncle Scott Dooley. I knew he had to walk by the mail room on his way to work.

As I waited, however, I found myself being shadowed by a sinister character in the form of Jessica Myers. Evaluating the situation, I decided that she must be after me. I was right... but my weapon (a squirt bottle) was more powerful than hers (a water gun)... so I assassinated my assassin and so survived. I then huddled down to wait... and wait... and those of you who know me know that waiting is a very hard for me.

Finally, after about half an hour, here came Uncle Scott. I was hidden quietly on the other side of the mail room, where he would have to pass me before he could see me; in which time I was hoping to get him. His footsteps approached. I was very quiet. He was almost here....
Suddenly, just before he came around the corner, a PNG lady walked briskly past me, saw me, and called out a friendly "GOOD MORNING!!!"
While hearing the steps of my target halt and hurry away, having been so warned that someone was waiting there, I kept my Christian spirit and responded with a cheery, though somewhat strained "good morning."

Uncle Scott scurried around the other side of the mail room, and with HIS superior weapon (an irrigation syringe), got me before I could react in kind. Gotten. *sigh*
And so early in the morning, too.

Ah well... it was great fun. There are many stories about tricks that have been used in this game... like the one where Aunt Judy Bennett dressed up as a local lady selling carrots by the road, hired a little PNG boy to sit beside her, and waited for her target to walk unsuspectingly by. Or the one where Tim Radcliffe climbed over the roof of the building Aunt Gail was hiding behind to get her.

The winner of this game was Uncle Scott Dooley, who survived longer than anyone else (which makes me feel a bit better about being got by him... at least I wasn't killed by an amateur!) Congratulations, Uncle Scott! But watch out...I have learned many lessons... next time I shall be a more experienced, more dangerous opponent!

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