Scrubbing In

Yes, my hands were actually clean yesterday. Each finger, scrubbed 5 times on each side... that's a total of 20 scrubs on each finger, making for a total of 100 scrubs on the fingers, if you are counting, plus 5 times on the front of the hand plus 5 times on the back of the hand (we're at 110), plus up the arm to the elbow a few times, making for a grand total of about 150 scrubs. That's why it's called scrubbing in, I suppose....

Then, if you touch anything... anything at all... even a little bump... you must start the whole thing over again. Fortunately I didn't touch anything.

Yes, I passed Auntie Margaret's test and can now name each instrument for minor surgery... I wonder how I could get my last name applied to a forceps? It's about as long as the names they have now...

And, Auntie Margaret let me scrub in to help with a fairly simple surgery. She's at the right side of the picture, halfway out. The surgeons there are Dr. Jim Radcliffe (at the left) and his son Ben (at the right).

Also I thought I'd share this little thought from the Operating Theatre... when you don't have a bread knife... you can always use a scalpel for the OT staff tea. Auntie Margaret assured me that it was a new scalpel.


  1. :D love the pic at the end! thats great! :) good to hear a bit from ya again

  2. Hey :) What exactly were you...doing surgury on??? Lol, nice blog =)

  3. well... you asked.
    I scrubbed in on a bilateral tubal ligation.