Highschoolers Movie Night

Katie, the teacher for the MK highschool, put together a movie night for the highschoolers... we watched Evan Almighty, which is a quite hilarious movie... and that was the choice because the guys voted against Enchanted. Imagine that.

Becky Wallace, a volunteer doctor here, hosted the activity. So by 7:00PM Becky's house was full of highschoolers. We had popcorn and cookies... and Gail Dooley provided cute little popcorn boxes.
Katie declared that there would not be caffeine-laden drinks (coke) provided, but if the kids' parents were ok with them coming home wired, then they could bring their own coke.

Here are the inhabitants of the MK highschool:
(left to right)
Quinton, myself, Cilla Radcliffe, Jo Radcliffe, Katie Conner (the teacher), and Jessica Myers.

It was awesome fun, lots of laughter, plenty of sugar, and great friends. We have to do this again sometime!


  1. I liked Bruce Almighty much better, personally. Evan Almighty had too many "Christian insider" jokes, I thought. Of course, I think it may have been cleaner... [shrug]


  2. I've never seen Bruce Almighty, so I don't know how they compare. ... maybe I should hunt that one down.