Oh wow! the internet is still there!

I was sort of wondering... after all, I hadn't been on for... a while.

I finally got back online, after a couple weeks of traveling, and peeked at my inbox. Gulp.

But here I am back again, at.... uh... home. Kudjip-home, that is. And I'm settling back into life in the highlands of PNG.

Other than the fact that I'm back, there's not much more to say (but don't worry, I'll find something anyway)... just everyday life on the Kudjip Nazarene Mission Station....

I went into the Operating Theatre for a couple hours Thursday morning, watched a couple surgeries. I asked Auntie Margaret (the awesomest scrub nurse ever) if she would help me learn the names of some of the equipment and tools and things... and trust me, there's a lot of complicated-looking stuff in there. She lent me a big blue book "Auntie Margaret's Operating Theatre Procedure Manual" which I am now studying. I have a strong suspicion that I shall have a test tomorrow, on surgery day.

And, I made candied peanuts this morning from some peanuts the Myers gave us... I do like peanuts plain, but ANYTHING is better with sugar on it. So now, I need to eat all of those that I'm going to want, because when my brother gets home from school, he is going to inhale the rest of them.... welcome to life with a teenage brother!

Also this week... or last week, rather... this last week... whatever.... we switched furniture with Erin Meier... here's her blog post about it
See, Dad, Quinton, and I all have allergies and would prefer to sit on furniture which is as dust-free as possible, no matter how uncomfortable it is. I for one, would probably rather sit on a plastic bench than anything else.
Erin does not have this kind of allergies, and leans more toward furniture that you can sit on without wincing.
However, in our house there was fluffy, squishy, comfortable couches that held dust marvelously and which mom must needs sit on alone while the rest of us looked sneezily on; while in Erin's house there was furniture with removable cushion covers and wipe-down-able armrests which were not the most conducive for curling up with a good book. Sooooo... we switched! And the inhabitants of both houses were quite delighted with the result. Much fewer sneezes for us, much more squishy couches for her! There's pictures on her blog post.

Well... it's almost time for lunch, so I shall end this blog post, which was meant to let you all know that I am still alive, and in the general vicinity of the planet, though most certainly quite dangerously near it's edge.


  1. I'm glad you're still alive.

    And, yes, the internet is still here... as are we. [smile]


  2. Ha... sorry for completely disappearing! Hey, Luke, I enjoyed your post about taking pictures... I long ago decided that about a 100:1 ratio was pretty good. =]