Random happenings

Woah... it's been quite a while since I posted a blog! I keep meaning to... and then forgetting to... or deciding not to... or not bothering to... and... well, y'know how it goes. But that doesn't mean my life has been devoid of happenings. Here is some of what has been going on:

1. Last Friday the homeschool group did an action song at youth; we did One World by Tobymac, I think we did pretty well. Malcolm's wife was taking pics, so here y'are, one picture of us doing action song....

2. Last Saturday we had a Thanksgiving get-together over at the Schultzies' place... I think there was over 40 people there. Twas great fun... and afterwards I realized that I had not gotten a single picture. Not one.

3. And this past week mah bro and I have had some kinda flu, so we couldn't go to homeschoolers or youth... although the Sens did come by here after homeschoolers, so Hannah taught me the newest action song... who knows, maybe I can still do it with them next week...

4. Today we put up the Christmas tree, so we are officially ready for Christmas! And Christmas is most certainly in the air as it is getting unbearably hot....

I think that's about all that has happened over the past couple weeks... and now I have finally posted a blog and I can stop feeling guilty about my terrible neglect of my blog!


  1. Shame shame! No pics on Thanksgiving!

    Got our tree up.Last Saturday.

    You do action songs! AW! NO FAIR!!! I love action songs! I do them all the time, by myself and everyone thinks I'm wierd..... but man! Having everyone do them. How fun! Next time I see you Danielle, I want to see you do "One World". Keep that in mind! ;)

  2. Ha, here we do action songs all the time. Action songs until we are sick of action songs... :D

  3. Is it possible to get sick of action songs!?!
    I love em!

  4. oh believe me... it's possible.

  5. I don't get to do them enough to get tired of them! *goes off grumping*

  6. [laughter]
    you should be glad... you still enjoy them!