Design and Dedication

Today I spent several hours updating the design on one of the websites I... uh... webmaster. In today's world, you kind of have to have a new design every few months or you are "outdated," "old-fashioned," or just plain... *gasp* ... "over." If you come up with something good -- a good design, an awesome layout-- well, it will be amazing... for a couple months. Then, it will be finished. And what was incredible and cutting-edge two months ago is now as old-fashioned as last week's spaghetti. I mean... at one point, the blinking marquee was IN.

(for those of you who are not web geeks, the blink and marquee tags are *shudder* very outdated)

Good design isn't enough. Good coding isn't enough. What is necessary is good design... again. A new one. Moving forward. Updating. Trying something new. Fixing the bugs. 

It got me to thinking...

See, week before last I was going through a Beth Moore Bible study. I was quite happy with myself, I had actually stuck with the thing for a few weeks. Something new... something good... moving forward. Good, eh? 
Last week I had a flu. I was struggling just to finish my school work and drop back into bed. So, I skipped the Bible study. And... I haven't gotten back to it. 

The dedication of two weeks ago didn't carry me into this week...  last week's spiritual victory doesn't guarantee that this week will be fine and dandy. As a matter of fact, yesterday's lovely attitude doesn't apply to today. As a MATTER of fact... the good work of the last minute doesn't apply to this minute. The decision to conform to Christ's character has to be a decision made every single minute, in a new way. The last amazing act of kindness I did doesn't earn me brownie points to avoid the next one that will be required of me.

Soooo.... yes, I will set my alarm clock tonight, and do my Bible study tomorrow morning. 
And that's my sermon for today. Just thought I'd share.

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