Christmas Special at Youth

So last night we joined the whole church that our youth group belongs to for a Christmas celebration, complete with lots and lots of items (dramas and action songs).
I was in two, we did action songs to Strong Tower by Kutless and One World by tobymac. Q was also in One World.
Some of us didn't really remember Strong Tower, so we were in the back right before our turn, frantically practicing it... it paid off, though, I only missed one line of the song!
One World went awesome, of course; we've practiced that one till we are sick of the song.

After the items was FOOD, which was lovo and wasn't half bad.

Soooooo, I counted and I got only 6 hours of sleep last night. *gasp* ... As opposed to my normal.... *counts* ... 9-10. I'll be drinking coffee today, thankyou.

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  1. Cool! Sounds like it was a fun Christmas celebration. And food is always good! :D Now we have half an inch (an inch and a half, excuse me!) of sleet everywhere outside. Not exactly shorts wearing weather like you have there about now! Any way, have a good tuesday!