Afternoon with the Schmelzenbachs and Schultzies

Sooooo, I got my SAT scores back. I got a 1510, which is pretty much what
I was hoping for. Thanks for the prayers, y'all, God really helped me out on that one. 

We were gonna have dinner with the Schultzies ANYWAY, so mum went ahead a decorated a bit, made a chocolate bread pudding, and we called it a party. It was fun.
I uploaded a bunch of photos to my picasa, but the movie refused to cooperate there so I just uploaded it here.


  1. Great video! I liked seeing you all "in action"! Nice skateboard, er.... attempts! Hey, it's more than I can do- I can't even stand up on one in motion without breaking my neck!

  2. [laughter]
    me too. that's why I was videoing, not skateboarding! :P

  3. Good idea. After all, we are the smart ones, we like living.