Well, I spent Saturday glued to the computer screen, staring at pages and pages of coding. I was on a mission. I was going to finish my website! I was unhappy with what I had, so I decided to throw it out and start over, retaining only four files of the original. 
About 15 hours of solid coding and graphic designing later, I had pretty much made what I wanted.... by 9:30 PM on Saturday night, Quinton was getting worried about me... "Aren't you going to go to bed, Sis?" ... but no, once you start on a coding project, it becomes verrrrry difficult to stop. Trust me. It's like stopping halfway through  a Ted Dekker book. Just doesn't happen. 

Anyway, with a few tweaks and final touches on Sunday morning before church and Monday morning before school, the website is up and running! So go take a look at it, at http://antiqueatlantic.com

For those who do not quite get all the gizmos on the home page, allow me to explain:

- My music: an online radio station I found recently, which allows users to tell it what artists they like. It then pulls all the songs from those artists and plays them... and the user can ban songs they don't like, so eventually they get a totally customized playlist. That thingo on the homepage plays my playlist, but there is a link underneath it to make your own... it's free, it's awesome, I fully recommend it. I made a profile for mum, with stuff like Abba, LeAnn Rimes, Kenny G, all that good stuff. 

-My flair: Ok, well, if you have facebook you know what these are. These are awesome buttons which people collect on facebook when they have nothing better to do. You can make your own, or choose from ones others have made. I love them... so I put them also on my home page. As I get more on facebook, I shall add them to my home page.

-my Feeds: well the blog feed is self-explanatory, tells about the lates blogs on this, my blog. The top one, the "friendfeed" might need some explanaition. If you know about twitter or Jaiku, then this is just like them, and now you understand. If you don't know about twitter.... allow me to explain.
This is a lovely way to waste your time and that of your friends. It is a little blog-type thing, only the blogs can only be 140 characters or less. So, the idea, is that every few hours you give this tiny update about what your doing. Now, I can't say that I actually update mine every few hours, but I do update it once in a while. It's kinda like the profile thingo on facebook, only I can't get on facebook from this computer, so this works better for me. It sounds like a mindless time-waster, and it is exactly that... but it's strangely addictive. I mean, you become almost compelled to write "I just ate lunch". ..... Ok, so maybe it's not that bad, but you get the idea. 

Well, now I really must get to school.... so go check out my website, and tell me what you think. Unless you don't like it, then don't tell me what you think. :)



  1. Hey -- great story; however, how do YOU spell explaination? Knowtis the red underline?
    love you,
    your homeskewl mahmee

  2. uhm... I spel it explanaition, obviouisely.
    What? you mean those red squiggly thingies aren't supposed to be there?!

  3. Congrats! Love the site, very nice. I have been listening you your music on there. Very different then what I normally listen too, but I like most of what I've heard! Especially, I can't believe I'm saying this, don't let all your little cousins hear, *whispers* Skillet.
    Don't tell! :) I've never had anything against 'em, just.... I don't know, after hearing about them day in and day out, it gets a tad bit annoying!
    Anyway, great job. I also like the buttons, as I think I've mentioned! I need a t-shirt of the one that says "It takes talent to trip over flat surfaces." It really does. And I'm an expert.

  4. Yeah even the amazing and incredible Skillet (aka, John and Kory Cooper, Ben and Jen) .... can get a bit old after a while of only them. As you can see, my music list is pretty varied... everything from Disciple to Shania Twain, T-Bone to LeAnn Rimes.

    Ah yes, those buttons... I do love my flair buttons! *makes note to self to go on facebook and get more flairs*

  5. I wish I could put some of those on my email signature

  6. you probably can, just right click and save the image from my home page, and then put that jpeg in your signature.