Mommy Yoga: Holding Object Out of Reach

Useful for: holding objects out of reach of a toddler (one who can stand)

Strengthens: Core, arm muscles, patience

Method: Sitting gracefully cross-legged in front of whatever you are working on, raise either both arms or one at a time above your head, holding the object of the toddler's desire out of his/her reach. Usually a sharp, breakable, or valuable item. So don't drop it.

I have found myself executing this move more recently, as my son has mastered the fine art of "pulling up." "Pulling up" is exactly that-- using some object as a steadying point, upon which he braces as he pulls himself into a standing position. And then continues to pull on as he keeps himself in said position.

Usually the "pulling up" brace of choice is Mommy. Mommy's legs if she stands still too long (it's like quicksand, you have to keep moving), Mommy's shoulders if she is sitting down.

If I happen to be working on something which I would rather my son not chew on (say, a drawing), then said object must be held out of said toddler's grasp, as he climbs all around me, and pulls on my arms, until he loses interest. My son does not lose interest easily. My arms get tired.

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