Mommy Yoga: Dropped Diaper Cream Bend

Useful for: Picking up dropped diaper cream while holding squirming baby steady on changing table.

Strengthens: Core muscles, good stretch for sides.

Method: Place on hand on baby's stomach. Keeping hand firmly in place, slowly bend to one side, reaching with your other hand for the dropped object. Make sure to keep hand on baby at all times.

This is a pose I find myself executing quite often, as I am rather clumsy and drop objects frequently. The difficulty level of this move increases with the age of the child, as a larger child will begin to perform gymnastics under your hand in an attempt to jump off the changing table, and your job is to prevent them from doing so. The sound track to this move usually is an angry, screaming child who wants very badly to attempt to fly. He is just sure he can, if Mommy would JUST.LET.GO!
You must not let go.

Oh, also, you often cannot actually see where the diaper cream rolled to. It is usually under the changing table, just out of reach of your groping hand.

Sometimes, the best resolution to this particular pose is to gracefully give up and diaper the child sans diaper cream, just this once. Or twice. Ok, it happened a lot. No judging.

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