Ok... what else are you supposed to do with cheese like that? Seriously.... pizza just had to happen.
It just had to.
My tummy demanded it.

How did I make the pizza, you ask? Well, I'm so glad you asked because I have instructions right here for you! Unfortunately, I was really hungry when I made this, so I wasn't really measuring... anything.... I was just piling, piling, piling yummy things. So this recipe is pretty approximate. But I think that's ok, because then you can make your pizza just like you want it.

I started with a regular batch of bread (see previous post on bread dough) that had risen once already. I pinched off about half of a batch to make the pizza crust with.
I used the other half to make more pizzas for my freezer.

Morgan really, really thought that the pizza needed thrown.
So I let him throw it.
He didn't drop it.
I was impressed.

Really important step. Don't skip it. It's lots of fun.
Also, it is really important that you put lots and lots of corn meal under this piece of dough.
If you do not, it will stick. Then you will finish your beautiful pizza and go to put it on your pizza rock or cookie sheet in the oven, and it will resist any movement from its place of residence and as you wrestle it into the oven it will mutilate and turn into a weird scrambled pizza thing.
Go ahead, ask me how I know.

Using the same fingers that you made dents in the dough with, spread that olive oil evenly all over your piece of dough. Use your fingers. Do it.

I added salt, oregano, rosemary, basil, sage, garlic powder, and cracked pepper. I added extra rosemary because I like it, and I'm the cook, so I get to add what I like. It's a good life.
When you are done spreading, poke the dough all over with a fork. This will prevent it from bubbling up while it bakes and looking like a pizza mountain range with toppings sliding off every which way.

Go ahead, ask. Don't you want to know how I know all that can go wrong with a pizza?

This is where the afore-mentioned cheese comes in. Lots and lots of cheese, whatever kind you like. I recommend some mild melty cheese like mozzarella or mexican melty cheese (queso fresco), but please include some sharp cheddar on top. Just please do. It's really good.
I also put lots and lots of onions, some sliced garlic, some thin sliced ham, and some more cheese and onions and garlic.
And a little more cheese.
Some onion on top.
Just a bit more garlic. And onions. And cheese.
If I were to write a song about my favorite things, food-wise, those would be in it.

Bake in a 450 degree oven, and make sure to put a large handful of corn meal under it on the pizza rock or cookie sheet so that it will come back off of said cooking platform. Remember the afore-mentioned weird scrambled pizza thing.

Bake until it looks done. Basically, the onions will be slightly browned and the bread with be golden.

It is really good. Pizza is really hard to beat, when it is good pizza.
And isn't that guy cute?

And yes, I did make pizza a couple weeks ago, and made all of the mistakes that I have warned you against. It was a strange scrambled pizza mountain range. But it, too, tasted good. Which, in the end, is what matters after all.

But how it looks does help.

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