Autumn is (sort of) here

Well, as I said in my previous post, fall is coming slowly to Oklahoma City. What is the problem with this, you might ask?
Well, I really like fall. Especially fall leaves.
I love their crunchiness when I jump on them.
I love their brilliant colors peeking up at me from the corners of the street as I walk to school.
I love chasing them as they somersault down the alley, barely touching the ground as they go, a little piece of skipping happiness, coloring in the dreary cold city world.

But the trees are stubbornly refusing to produce more than the random handful of colored leaves so far. So I decided to hurry things along a little. Morgan and I pulled out my favorite bright fall-colored fabric and our old milk jug (for plastic to make them stiff) and made some fall leaves!

I loved them so much that I decided to wear them on my ears.
Ok, maybe not forever, but for as long as I can claim that it is fall.

I liked them so much that I put them up on my long-neglected Etsy site, here:

I'll bet you didn't even know that I had an Etsy site, did you?
Well, I did.
I do have one.
I just haven't posted anything on it for a while. But I'm planning on that changing, I have some cool ideas. Maybe they will sell, I hope so. We'll see. But at least I have fun making them. And wearing them.

Pretty autumn leaves. Happiness in my heart-place. 

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