Random Wednesday Ramblings

I'm sitting at the dining room table, drinking coffee. It's cool inside here. I'm listening to a new music group one of my best friends told me I should listen to. Clever fellow, Oliver. Knows what music I will like. It's "Sleeping at Last," in case any of you want to check it out. It's not rock of any sort, I assure you... in case you have been scared off by any of my harder music suggestions. =]

The coffee is quite strong. I made it, therefore it is strong. My coffee addiction helps me get up earlier (although it's not really working at this mid-summer point, with the counter-incentive of mono to keep me in bed). Contrary to popular opinion, for me coffee does not get me up by waking me up with caffeine. No, rather, it works because I am so addicted to coffee that I get a headache if I don't have it. And, because my body is used to having it at around 7am, if I sleep later than that, I wake up with a caffeine headache. And that, my dear friends, is how coffee works to get me up. However, as I mentioned earlier, it doesn't work when I have mono. No, I just lay in bed with a headache, but too sleepy to get up. Fun times.

I have a bug bite on my jaw, and another on my hand, and another on my knee. All of them terribly annoying places to have bug bites. BUT we do have lots of blackberry jam to show for the bug bites. How are the two related, you ask? Allow me to enlighten you. Blackberry jam requires blackberries. Blackberries grow on bushes, and must be picked. Picking blackberries from bushes requires close proximity to bushes. Bushes are the home of all sorts of various small biting animals. Hence, we have blackberry jam and bug bites.

I realized the other night how long it's been since I played piano, because I sat down at my keyboard and started in on one of my well-beloved pieces of music, and couldn't play it smoothly. Took me forever to get through it. I was rather disappointed, and vowed then and there to sit down at my keyboard more often.

Which reminds me, I'm taking piano lessons next semester! Those of you who know my attitude towards piano and lessons may be surprised.... I love playing piano. I don't like to be told how. But, I like to get better at playing piano, and I figured the best way to reach that goal would be to go ahead and take lessons. And, my voice lessons haven't been as terrible as I thought they would be, so maybe the piano won't be so bad either. At least it'll give me an excuse to play piano... "I'm doing my homework!" Last semester, piano was a great way to avoid homework.

And on that note, I do believe I shall go play my keyboard. That is, after I upload a couple wallpapers that I made... they are on facebook too. Yeah, I liked them so much that I kinda uploaded them everywhere. =]

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