Yes. I'm engaged. I've had so many people ask me to "tell, tell more! tell story!" so I thought I'd put it on my blog (which I was planning to do anyway) so I can just point people here. =]

Ok, so most of you that know me also know that I've been dating Morgan Stephenson:

And most of you also know that this engagement thing has been coming for a while. We were quite serious from the very beginning of our relationship. We have the same calling, are on the same page with God and with life, have the same worldview and just get along in a weirdly amazingly good sort of way.

Everyone wants to know "how he proposed" ... which is a hard sort of question to answer, strangely enough, because the answer begins with a question... "which time?" ... yes, it happened a few times. So here is how that works...

A while back in our relationship it just sort of happened that we started assuming that we were going to get married. Don't ask me how that started or when, but it just was.

Then, this last weekend, we were praying about our relationship, as we do quite a bit, and just working though some stuff together and we both realized that we needed to go ahead and actually make the commitment and get engaged. So, that was, I guess, the first "proposal" which was really just us, in the middle of praying and talking, promising before God that we were going to marry each other. That was in Morgan's little red car, somewhere in Kansas on our way to Golden Bell.

The next day, we went to REI in Denver (a big outdoor equipment store) and Morgan bought some blue cord. Back in his car, outside of REI, he officially asked me to marry him (I said yes) and put a piece of the cord around each of our ankles as our engagement bands. Those of you who know us will probably not be surprised at our rather unconventional engagement bands. =]

Well, Morgan is an incurable romantic and wasn't quite satisfied with that proposal. Back here at Golden Bell camp, we were talking a walk last night. It was gorgeous, there was a full moon, with just enough clouds in the sky to make it beautiful but not enough to obscure the amazing stars. Pike's Peak was glowing with snow in the moonlight. Morgan suddenly stopped on the path. I stopped with him, wondering what on earth he was doing. He knelt down and asked me once more if I would marry him. I said yes. =]

He was satisfied with that one, I think. =D

So yes. I'm engaged to one Morgan Stephenson, and I am quite happy about this fact.

Drop curtain.

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