Attention for Using

... the instructions on my water heater. I laugh at this every morning when I take a shower, and have meant to blog about it for years. So now, as I prepare to leave my home in Navua, I thought, well, I won't have another chance, I might as well do it now. Here we go: the label on the front of my water heater, word for word....

Attention for using

-Type of gas must be fit for the requirement in the heater's name plate.

-Should be mounted out the doors where there is a top ventilation.

-Never use the heater near to combustibles or acidities.

-Do mention to close the gas valve after using.

-Never leave the heater without guard when it is using.

-In winter, please put out the water in the heater after using, so that to avoid frozen.

-Only a qualified technician should attempt to re-install and maintain the heater.

....I love transliterated things. [=

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