So, as most of you know, last night was youth group. It was awesome, as always.

We had a guest speaker, from the west, a former Math and Physics teacher, and also a former Hindu firewalker. He was talking about deciding for yourself who Jesus is, rather than just following the crowd... that your relationship with God has to be a personal thing. Well, as he was talking about how easy it is to follow the crowd, he started off the service with a bunch of games, in which many of us made fools of ourselves by "following the crowd" ... such as the one where he says, spell "silk" ... say it five times... spell it again... say it another five times ... silk silk silk silk... what do cows drink? .. and everyone says : MILK!! ... no wait.

Moving on from there, he quoted CS Lewis' famous logic about Jesus from Mere Christianity: That Jesus was either a liar, or he was a lunatic, or he was Lord... his claims to be the Son of God make those three choices the only ones.

He also talked for a while about exactly who Jesus said that he was, and who others in the Bible said that he was, and ended with an altar call. Course, we wrapped up the service with a rousing rendition of "Forever" ... we have some awesome singing at youth!

Now, in case you all were thinking that Malcolm must have forgotten about his order to memorize the books of the Bible, he did not. Those of us who recited them in front of everyone got a big bag of cookies to share.... yum. Course... we shared them with everyone else, too.
Quinton also won a coke by reciting a memory verse up front... and the kid would not share it with the rest of us! No wait... I take that back. He did offer me some, I admit. Those who did not win goodies (and some of those who did) headed for the snack bar after the service. One of these weeks I need to take a camera to youth and get some pics... I was going to this week, but my camera is quite dead. I need to remember to buy new batteries. What are the chances I'm gonna remember THAT?!


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  1. Yeah, I want to see pictures!! Sounds like your speaker was good. Tell him he needs to come over to Tulsa when he has a chance! :)