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Well, as today is Thursday, we went to homeschool group!

At homeschool group, some of the kids played volleyball outside (Q did that for a while), some of the kids watched Lord of the Rings III (Q did that for a while, too), and SOME of the kids (namely, me and Hannah) worked at the computer in the corner.

What would be so very important as to keep us working for three hours at the computer in the corner? Well... last week at youth we promised Malcolm that we would set up a blog for Vital Connection youth group, so that he could post upcoming events, stories about what's happening, prayer requests, etc. So that's what we were doing! It was actually fun, and we got it all nicely set up, and the first post posted about what's happening tomorrow. The site is (in case you want to keep track of what's going on at Vital Connection youth group) VConnectionFiji.blogspot.com.

Having completed the blog, we have also been working on our books of the Bible. While doing the dishes the other night, Quinton and I recited them to each other.... did you know the prophets work best when memorized in groups of three? If you get into a rhythm you can get through all 66 books of the Bible before you lose your train of thought and forget what you were doing....
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy...which reminds me I forgot to read the passage in Deuteronomy for Economics class... oh I really need to check on my schedule in that class... I think I'm behind in British Lit... that last stupid book... had to look up the Cliff Notes to understand it... got sidetracked by the browser update I had to download... which reminds me I really need to get the new version of iTunes... and before you know it, the books of the Bible have faded in the far away background... Joshua, Judges, Ruth... there's a Newsboys song about those three books... it's quite funny.... I need to get that new music video... what was I doing again?..........



  1. Yeah.
    All I did was watch Lord of the Rings.

    So anyway, if you need anything on that blog Danielle, now that I've seen The Return of the King, I'm at your service.

  2. Yeah you were a lot of help.
    *Olli comes up behind us*
    "Y'all ok?"
    *we answer*
    "uh, no, we have a question, how do we do this?"
    *Olli glances toward living room with movie*
    "Uh... you'll figure it out. gotta run!"
    *Olli sprints back to his place in front of the TV*

  3. But now that the movie is over, I'm able.
    C'mon, I had to watch the broken sword be re-forged.

  4. ah, well, the sword, of course....

  5. Never seen that movie, any of them, but sounds pretty interesting.

    HEY! I just noticed something, I'm commenting on your blog and my dumb computer is LETTING me! Wow!

  6. ha, good for your computer!

    I've read most of the books, I quit partway through the last one, couldn't take the boredom. But the movie sounded pretty cool... I wouldn't know, I was WORKING *pokes Olli* :D

  7. Hey Danielle thank you for helping Vital connection Fiji. Malcolm