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We have been praying for the last nearly 9 months here at LifeChange Camp, for God to lead us to the right solution for housing for our family. Our desire is to live close to the ministry, so that we are available when needed and can give of our lives. This Camp ministry is not an 8-5 job – rather, it is a way of life for our family in ministry and service – much like a mission station! Because of this, our current rental house 30 min away from camp is not ideal. As a matter of fact, during the summer season, we actually moved into a little apartment in the basement of our directors’ house! This enabled us to serve well, being actually on camp for the summer season, but obviously is not a long-term solution for our family.

After talking with the camp board, we have felt that the best direction for us would be to look for a house to purchase close to, but not actually on camp. This would allow our family some space of our own, as well as allow us to build up our equity somewhat – which is often difficult to do while in ministry. We began looking at several different properties in the area, and one came up for sale directly across the street from camp. We moved forward on placing a bid on that property, but for one reason or another that sale was delayed until we were finally informed that the owner had several higher bids. They offered to allow us to raise our bid, but we felt strongly that the number we had put down was where God had led us to place our budget.

However, throughout this process, we have said that if that property did not work out, we would believe that God was leading us toward something ultimately better. So, feeling led to put this faith into practice, we turned down the opportunity to raise our bid, and instead went looking to see if there was anything else in the area. That same evening, we found a property that had just been put on the market 10 minutes down the road from camp. We went by, looked at it from the road, and loved it! It is a little white house built in the 1920s, on 5 acres. We called the realtor, and he lined up a walk-through for us the very next morning. Again, we felt that, with a little work, it could become a house that would be perfect for our family. The realtor told us that the previous contract on the house was actually falling through that very day, and it was now open for us to make an offer on!

So, we went to the bank, and got pre-approved for a loan, and have now had our offer accepted on this house!
Now, again, this is a faith venture for us, because we need $8500 for the down payment on this house. Please join us in prayer that everything would work out well with the appraisal, inspections, payment, and renovations.

 I have included below the letter from our directors including the financial details for this purchase. 

Dear Friends,

As founders and directors of LifeChange Camp, a ministry and facility we have been building for the past 13 years, we have found that it is a challenge to find staff members who are willing to commit to the hard work of achieving excellence at a Bible camp.  Some are willing to work but not commit while others are just  looking for the fun of camp.  We believe we have found a couple who understand that camp work is both demanding and fun and are willing to commit to it for the long haul.

Morgan and Danielle Stephenson and their two children, Theron and Lula, joined us last November and have been proving themselves as extremely valuable members of the LifeChange staff.   They have skills and abilities that we need and a willingness to apply them whenever they are needed.

The challenge we face however, is housing for them.  To date they have either lived in a rental home in Windsor, MO, 12 miles away or for the past three months have been living in our basement so they could be right on camp for our demanding summer session.  Although this has kept them out of the weather, it is by no means ideal.  As a result, they have been looking for a house nearby to purchase which would not only give them a good place to live, but also give them a place of their own which would be building credit and equity for their future.
Well, they found one!
A house just 5 miles away has come up for sale.  It is in good shape but does need some renovation.  On 5 acres, it will provide a great place to establish a home.  The cost of the home agreed upon is $52,000 and additional dollars will be needed to do necessary repairs.  Pre-approval for a loan has already happened, inspections are under way and $8500 is needed for a down payment.  Here is where you come in. To assist the Stephensons in making this purchase, LifeChange Camp has made a $3000 matching grant available to them.  Every dollar raised toward this purchase, will be matched by LifeChange up to $3000. 

Therefore, for the benefit of LifeChange Camp and  Morgan and Danielle Stephenson, please give generously, LifeChange will match faithfully and the Lord will supply abundantly.  Thank you very much.

In HIS service,
Bill and Carol Anderson

If you would like to give toward this down payment, you can donate (with "Stephenson housing" as the memo) here:

Or send checks to
                     LifeChange Camp
                     351 NE 831 Rd
                     Clinton, MO 64735

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