Mommy Yoga: Baby Squat

Useful for: Loading the dishwasher while holding the baby. Picking up dropped objects while holding the baby.

Strengthens: Upper thighs, balance, core muscles

Method: While holding the baby in one arm, slowly squat down, keeping the torso straight, until you can reach whatever you are going for. Use your free arm to perform task. Stand back up, still keeping torso straight so as not to crush the baby.
Alternatively, put baby in ring sling or Moby wrap in front of chest. Use one arm to steady baby while performing Squat.

For the first post in the new series, I would like to present the Baby Squat. This move is useful for reaching anything lower than your knees while holding a small baby. The idea is that, while bringing one hand low enough to perform the task at hand, you cannot bend your waist at all lest you crush the baby. I most often found myself using this particular handy pose when loading or unloading the dishwasher with a small baby asleep in a ring sling. Oh, you also can't move too quickly or the baby wakes up.

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