Chicken and Peach Teriyaki Skewers

I have two confessions to make.
One: I like low prices.
Two: I love salty-sweet foods.
Like chocolate-covered pretzels.
Or that salted caramel mocha that Starbucks used to serve.
Or salt on my watermelon. Or peach. Or nectarine. Or any other sweet fruit.

So, when peaches were on sale at my grocery store, I got a whole bunch. However, these cheap peaches were also very hard and not ripe, altogether lacking in the qualities that make peaches good for snacking on, in my opinion. So, they were the perfect peaches to experiment with the savory applications of peaches.

Enter: these teriyaki skewers. The sweeter flavors of peaches and honey and ginger combine quite nicely with the salty-savory of chicken and soy sauce. In my humble opinion.

I marinated a pound of chicken in homemade honey-teriyaki sauce for about half an hour. I would recommend marinating them longer, but I was hungry. And I'm an impatient person. Who doesn't plan ahead. So they only marinated half an hour.

Then I sliced up three peaches and tossed them with sesame oil and balsamic vinegar.

I threaded the skewers, alternating chicken and peaches, and then "grilled" them in an iron skillet. I have found that an iron skillet on my stove makes a decent substitute for a grill. But if you have a grill, hey, go outside and grill them!

They were a great summer meal, and came together pretty quickly.
Or at least, they would have if I had not been taking pictures the whole way through.
That's how a lot of my cooking goes, though.
Oh well.

Chicken-Peach Teriyaki Skewers (print recipe)

1 pound boneless chicken

1/4 c soy sauce
1/2 tsp worcestershire sauce
1tsp fresh pounded ginger
2 Tbs honey

3 peaches
1Tbs sesame oil
1Tbs balsamic vinegar

Mix soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, ginger, and honey in bowl and marinate chicken for at least half an hour.
Slice peaches into 8ths and toss in sesame oil and vinegar.
Thread skewers, alternating chicken and peaches.
Grill until chicken is done (about 10-20 minutes).

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