Baby Food: Not Rocket Science.

Often, when people find out I "make my own baby food," their eyes get really big. "Wow!" They say. And I can see running through their heads, "You are one of THOSE moms. Who has all the time in the world. And you probably also spend all your free time making cute little baby room decorations like you saw on pinterest, don't you???"

No, no I do not. And while I do currently have a bit more time than most since I finished school recently and my husband is working so I don't have to right now... I did make baby food while I was still in school.

Here's the secret: the baby is a person. That means they can eat People Food. Like I do. It doesn't have to be Jarred Organic Cream of Carrot to feed the baby. Cooked Carrot Run Through Food Processor is pretty much the same thing.

My food processor is my best friend when it comes to feeding my baby. Yes, a couple of months ago when he was first starting solids, I had to be more careful to get only one or two ingredients in the food. I had to cook a potato just for him, or even cream of wheat or rice cereal. But nowadays, I just look at what we are having for dinner, pull out the ingredients he can eat, and run them through the food processor.

For example, this morning I had a fruit salad for breakfast (no honey). I just dumped a couple spoonfuls of it in the food processor, and there was Baby Breakfast.
No preservatives.
No chemicals.
Just fruit, for breakfast, for me and Baby.

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