Well, school is finally out for the year. I know, you didn't have any idea I was in school, right, since I kept posting just as frequently during the semester as normal.... yeah right. Twenty hours of classes nommed my life. But it's over now! Happy day.

In other news, we got a puppy! Hence the adorable picture. Sherman is about 9 weeks old, and he is what we refer to in proper terms as a "mutt." He is 1/4 blood hound, 1/4 blue heeler, 1/4 beagle, and 1/4 terrier. Basically, he is a mutt of hound dog leanings. But boy is he cute! And he has blue eyes. Which makes him even cuter.

We've had Sherman for about a week, and so far he has learned his name, that he has to sit down before coming inside, and to look very, very guilty if he has an accident in the house. So, we'll call that progress.

He also snores when he's asleep, likes to chew on potatoes, hates the garbage truck, and can't completely control all of his legs at the same time when running.

He likes to crawl under the couch and fall asleep under there, but frequently forgets where he fell asleep, and bonks his head on the couch when he wakes up and tries to lift his head. I never, ever laugh when this happens. ... ok maybe I do just a little.

Also, we went for a picnic recently and got some very pretty pictures of flowers which I will now share with you.

I'm quite happy to be out of school for the summer, and able to cook more and post more blog posts. Yay food, blog posts, summer, flowers, and puppies! 

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  1. That is so many different kinds of adorable all at once!