Send My Friend to China!

This is Courtney.
You should help her get to China.

Not that I don't want her here or anything like that.
I mean, I like her being here...
Hence, she's my friend.
You know, someone I don't want around wouldn't really be my friend...
And she's my friend, so I like her being around...
Because she is happy and fun and makes life better....

So that's not why I'm saying you should send her to China.
Actually, it's because she wants to go to China.
To teach English to cute children at a summer camp.
Which is a worthy cause, you know?
Besides, she's cute.
Look at her thinking of China.

Anyway, she is saving and trying to raise money to go this next summer, so I took photos of her this afternoon to make prayer cards with and stuff. And so I had these photos and thought I'd introduce you to her in case you want to help her by giving her money, or by telling other people about her, or by praying for her lots and lots.
(because in my opinion, praying is even better than moneys. Strange, I know.)

She even has a blog of her own so that you can hear straight from her what she is doing and why! Here it is:

So go read it, and love her, and pray for her, and send her to China!!!

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