My House Part 2

So now that you have waited oh-so-patiently a couple of days (ok, so I didn't get to blogging on my to-do list yesterday), I will now deliver the "after" pictures.

Here is the living room, from the same view points as the before pictures: 

Here is the bathroom (again, same view point):


Dining room:

Bedroom-- there were no before pictures of the bedroom because our landlord's stuff was stored in there and we couldn't even get into it until three days before we left for our wedding. Hence, by the time we got into it, I was so panicked about getting it done that I didn't think to take pictures. Trust me, it was a mess.

The spare bedroom and the pantry don't need to be included yet because they are currently being worked on. My family (hi family!) is coming in a couple of weeks to stay with us so we are frantically trying to make a place for them to be able to stay. It's coming along fast though, so pictures of that will be up soon.

My mother-in-law (hi mommyinlaw!) helped me with painting in the pantry today. That was so much fun because it was 103 degrees today, our house doesn't have air conditioning, and the pantry especially has no airflow at all. Also, the only painting-pants I have are jeans, so I was wearing jeans. Fun fun. At least I wasn't doing it all by my lonesome! =]

So there you go, the house transformed. I hope you enjoyed this series, tune in next time for more of whatever I come up with to write about!

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