A Cure for Hot Weather

Seedless limes were on sale at Buy-For-Less for 15 for a dollar! I bought some.
Ok, I bought lots.
My head was dancing with visions of cold, tart treats.
So I brought them home and Morgan and I started juicing... and juicing.... and juicing.... and we did not get through all the limes I bought, some of them are still sitting on my kitchen table. But we did get through enough to make yummy cold treat things!

I don't like ice cream.
I'm sorry, I know that is probably bordering on blasphemy.
But I just don't.
I don't really know why... I used to blame it on my cold-sensitive teeth, but I love sorbet and frozen yoghurt and frappaccinos, so it obviously can't be that I just don't like cold things.
I even really like homemade ice cream. And I like smoothies, and some of Dairy Queen's stuff.
It's just regular old ice cream, I just don't like it that much. Its... I don't know... too heavy? Too creamy? Too sweet? I just don't know. Too ice-creamy.
I'm sorry.
I'll go hide in a hole now so I don't get hit.

But I love sorbet! So I made some sorbet. For me. Because I like it. And because I've convinced myself that it must be healthier than ice cream. Surely. Besides, in Bethany, OK this time of year in a house without air conditioning, you really need something cold. Really.

Lime Sorbet
1 c water
1 c lime juice
1 c sugar
1 tbsp lime zest

Combine in pan, simmer over medium heat until sugar is fully dissolved.
You can just pour it in a bowl and set it in the freezer, and freeze it that way. I must warn you, however, that when you do this the sour tends to float to the top and the sweet will sink to the bottom somehow, so that you end up with a wow-thats-super-sour-stuff-now-my-jaw-really-hurts-a-lot first few bowls, and then oh-my-goodness-this-is-incredibly-sweet last few bowls. So if you do it like that, you may want to visit it now and again during the freezing process and stir it up.

You could also freeze it in an ice cream maker, if you have one of those.
Also, as we learned in my brother's 4th grade science class, you can freeze it by putting it in a little ziploc bag inside a bigger ziploc bag, then filling the bigger ziploc bag with ice and salt and shaking it for a while. You may, however, want to make sure your ziploc bags are well sealed before coming into your mom's office with all her paper work strewn about and demonstrating to her your science project. It might get messy otherwise. Your mom might not fully appreciate your science project. Just a guess. You know... from experience.

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  1. It looks so refreshing and delicious! My kids would love this tasty treat.