My Quilt

Danielle made a quilt! Yes, she did... and I know that at this point my best friends are sitting there shaking their heads in disbelief (yes, Calli, I see you) that Danielle could stick with something for long enough to complete it... especially something as sit-down-and-slowly-sew-it as a quilt... but my selfish motives were enough to keep me going, and with the help of Aunt Gail Dooley, I made the quilt.

Here is Aunt Gail:

Here's what the material looked like at first:

And here's what it looks like now!

I did get more pictures of the process, they are in my picasa album... there are some in the April album and some in the May... sorry 'bout that. :)

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  1. Good jorb there! [smile]

    That's a long process, but the payoff looks great.