A Cassowary and a CusCus

The other day, I went with Ben and Katherine over to the house of one of the nurses; so that she could show us her cassowary.
I'm telling you, this thing was one impressive bird. It looks like some leftover dinosaur that forgot to go extinct. And they're BIG, too... this one was almost 6 feet tall. My camera was, I found out, on the wrong setting for most of the time, so I got lots of fuzzy photos, but I did get a couple clearish ones as well...

This is the nurse beside her house.

Here is the cassowary.

And HERE is a little bonus... a cuscus. They are supposed to be of the possum family, but they look kind of like a dreamsicle-coloured bushbaby. (You do know what a bushbaby is, don't you? The african animal that looks like it drinks too much coffee?)


  1. Very fun pictures.

    The most exotic animal we see out here is the fox that sometimes scampers around our neighborhood.


  2. I know what a bushbaby is but I only just discovered the yummy deliciousness that is the orange dreamsicle thanks to this calorie filled land in which I now reside.