December 26, Day 1 - Trip to Singapore

On December 26, Fiona and I left Fiji fairly early in the morning. We were so excited, a little nervous... weren't quite sure what was going to happen over the next week, but were fairly certain that whatever it was would be life-changing. We'd been praying for this MK Rendezvous for several months, as were many people around the world.
Our first flight took us to Brisbane, where we had a couple hours layover and then a flight out to Singapore.

After a full day of traveling, we arrived in Singapore that night, where Sam and Noelle Fleischman met us and introduced themselves as two of our leaders. We knew that we were in for a great week when the first thing Sam and Noelle did was play a trick on Aunt Natalie Ward by telling her that they had forgotten to pick us up at the airport! I don't have any pictures from this particular point, because I was so very tired, but here is Sam and Noelle later on in the week:

My first impression of Singapore was like something out of a science fiction movie. To someone coming from Navua, Fiji, this modern city was a bit overwhelming with it's apartment buildings, lights, malls, MRTs, etc....

Sam and Noelle took us to the Rigsbys' apartment at Bukit Batok, where we were to spend the night on the 27th floor of an apartment building. Gulp.
Here we met Brenna Rigsby, who is an amazing girl that I admire tremendously... I have the feeling that we will remain good friends for many years. Again, I was not taking pictures that night, so here is a photo of me, Brenna, and Fiona (left to right) when Fiona and I left:

The temptation to stay up and talk was incredible.... however, dead tired as we were, we fell right to sleep after setting an alarm for 5:00 the next morning.

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