Friday Night Youth

I look around in the dim light to see hands uplifted all around me. Teenagers are crying, laughing, singing, praising God. The music reverberates through the building, soon the guitar and drums are joined by the sound of teens jumping and shouting on the chorus.
ONE WAY! JESUS! HE'S THE ONLY ONE THAT I COULD LIVE FOR! You are the way, the truth, and the life, we live by faith and not by sight. Take, take, take it all! So won't you break free, won't you break free, get up and dance....
Well, sure we will. And we do! You all have heard me go on about youth, but THIS time I have PROOF! I finally took my camera to youth last night, so I have pictures!

It took forever to get a mere six kids lined up for a picture, seriously. Olli was taking the photo that they are all looking at the camera for, so somewhere there is a photo identical to this one, only with them all actually facing the camera.
Random Fact of the Day.

And that's during worship; we have my bro in the striped blue shirt, then Olli, then Leah, then Jake.

Malcolm, our youth pastor!

Annnnnnnd Priteeka, his wife. She was taking pictures, too.

Now, as always, not all my pictures fit on here nicely, so the rest of them reside at My Picasa Album, in the November folder. Go check 'em out. :D


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  1. COOL!Sounds like you have a lot of fun!